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Just follow these steps (as root):
  1. Unpack tarball and cd to dir.
  2. ./configure
  3. make
  4. make install
  5. Enjoy!

Just type wmpower in a shell...
Use wmpower -h to see all available options (see below).
If you have a Toshiba laptop, you can use your mouse wheel to adjust the brightness of your LCD display.
Program output on Command Line

This is the output of wmpower while on battery on my Toshiba laptop:

Welcome to wmpower version 0.4.3...
detected TOSHIBA laptop, Satellite 1800
libacpi: found 1 battery
Detected ACPI subsystem
acpi_lib: 1 fan(s) found...
toshiba_lib: min brightness is 0
toshiba_lib: max brightness is 7
toshiba_lib: current brightness is 7
Setting CPU scaling governor "performance" for CPU 1...

This is the output of wmpower -h:

Welcome to wmpower version 0.4.3...

wmpower is a tool for checking and setting power management status for
laptop computers. Right now is supports both APM and APCI enabled
kernels, plus special support for Toshiba and Compal hardware.

Usage: wmpower [options]


-no-meddlingDon't manage power status, just show info.
-no-full-batteryDon't wait for 100% battery before going back to full power.
-no-noflushdDisable use of "noflushd" daemon: noflushd is a tool for managing spin-down of hard disks after a certain amount of time see http://noflushd.sourceforge.net for details.
-no-toshibaDisable direct access to toshiba hardware.
-battery <num>Monitor your nth battery instead of first one.
-display <display>Use alternate display.
-geometry <geometry>wmpower window geometry.
-lUse a low-color pixmap.
-L <LowLevel>Define level at which yellow LED turns on.
-C <CriticalLevel>Define level at which red LED turns on.
-B <Volume>Beep at Critical Level (-100% to 100%).
-w <command>Warn command to run when the remaining is low.
-W <minutes>Minutes of remaining time when to run warn command.
-u <seconds>Set wmpower polling interval.
-g <governor>Use this CPUFreq scaling governor while running on battery power.
-G <governor>Use this CPUFreq scaling governor while running on AC power.
-sMake wmpower log to syslog instead of standard error.
-hDisplay this help screen.

Clicking on program window at run-time overrides any option,
thus switching between low-power and full-power modes.
You can use the mouse wheel to adjust your lcd brightness.